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    Re: Seeking opinion on the short list

    I like Weston, I can really see it on someone tall and fair. It would open him up to the great nn Wes without having the imo feminine sounding Wesley as a first name.

    Some of the classic names suggested, such as Benjamin and William, would be great. I can also picture him being a Christopher.

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    Re: Seeking opinion on the short list

    Harrison Eric
    Weston Eric Harold
    Christopher Eric Harold
    Christopher Eric Harrison

    I love love love all of the above! Wes is a great nickname, so I think I might lean towards Weston Eric Harold :) best of luck!
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    Re: Seeking opinion on the short list

    The name I liked most from your list was Weston and I think it happens to go very well with Eric.

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    Re: Seeking opinion on the short list

    Thanks everyone - the feedback really helps. My mind changes daily... right now I'm actually leaning towards using just plain Harold Eric and calling him Harry (always a favorite of mine). I still hesitate due to it's extreme old fashionedness and the sing-song sound with our "Har" last name, but it could grow on me! My hubby's fav is currently Arthur, but I'm still partial to Weston and Finnian too. Oi vey!

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