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    Baby Name Quiz :)

    Thought this would be fun to try.

    Baby Name Quiz using my favorite names- 2 sons and a daughter

    DS1 FN
    Month you were born in-
    January- Quinn
    February- Malachi
    March- Mason
    April- Samuel
    May- Jack
    June- Talon
    July- Aiden
    August- Rowen
    September- Ethan
    October- Cooper
    November- Braden
    December- Owen

    DS1 MN
    Favorite of these movies-
    Mad Max- Donovan
    Star Wars Episode 7- Luke
    Inside Out- Isaac
    Jurassic World- Oliver
    Creed- Joseph
    Martian- Matthew
    Revenant- Gabriel
    Room- Noah
    Spectre- Michael
    Pixels- Jason
    Good Dinosaur- Dean
    Didn't see/like any- Isaiah

    DD1 FN
    Hair color -
    Light blonde- Kelsey
    Dirty blonde- Annabelle
    Light brown- Riley
    Dark brown- Delilah
    Red- Addison
    Black- Bella
    Grey- Reagan
    Dyed- Maya
    Undefined- Isabelle

    DD1 MN
    Favorite of these songs-
    7 Years (Lukas Graham)- Rose
    Love Yourself (Justin Bieber)- Madelyn
    My House (Flo Rida)- Sage
    Stressed Out (Twenty One Pilots)- Grace
    One Call Away (Charlie Pluth)- Serenity
    Hello (Adele)- Paige
    Stitches (Shawn Mendes)- Violet
    Die a Happy Man (Thomas Rhett)- Joyce
    Haven't heard/don't like any- Evelyn

    DS2 FN
    Day of Your Birthday is-
    1-4- Ryan
    5-9- Cayden
    10-14- Levi
    15-19- Alexander
    20-24- Joshua
    25-29- Colton
    30 & 31- Ranger

    DS2 MN
    Favorite of these books-
    To Kill a Mockingbird- Logan
    Catcher in the Rye- Dylan
    Harry Potter- Andrew
    Hunger Games- Jonah
    Fault in Our Stars- Nathan
    Book Thief- Elijah
    Haven't read/don't like any- Jacob
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    Place names for girls:
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