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    THIS OR THAT (Boy-Boy-Girl Triplets!!!)

    I name two triplet options, you choose one and make a second option for yourself, and so on.

    For example:

    First post: Boy, Boy, and Girl or Simon, Drake, and Flora?

    Next post: Simon, Drake and Flora or Fletcher, Thomas, and Elena?

    Then the next person chooses one of those two and makes one of their own, and so on. (Sorry if I'm not explaining this well, but I'll help you out if you're confused as we go along. Boy-Boy-Girl should be a challenge!)

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    Re: THIS OR THAT (Boy-Boy-Girl Triplets!!!)

    Simon, Drake, and Flora

    ...OR Weston, August, and Isla?

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    Re: THIS OR THAT (Boy-Boy-Girl Triplets!!!)

    Weston, August, and Isla

    .. or Kevin, David, and Jennifer?
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    Re: THIS OR THAT (Boy-Boy-Girl Triplets!!!)

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    Re: THIS OR THAT (Boy-Boy-Girl Triplets!!!)

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