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Thread: Baby Girl # 3!

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    Baby Girl # 3!

    My Husband and I will be adopting our second baby are third daughter in a few months an have decided on a name but need help on spelling n also opinions of what you think of the name n how it goes with our 2 daughters.
    The name is Maeve r Meav Amelie I love the spelling Meav b/c thats the spelling of my fave Irish singer Meav Ni Mhaolchatha but I think it will be miss pronounced!

    My 1st D: DanniJune Camille (all the names from family)
    My 2nd D: Charlotte Lilou

    Last Name: Laurent (we live n France so its the proper pronounciation)

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    Re: Baby Girl # 3!

    I love the name Maeve, however I do think you should go with the more traditional spelling of Maeve, it would still honor your favorite singer...beautiful name and works nicely with your other children's names.

    best wishes,

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    Re: Baby Girl # 3!

    I absolutely love Maeve, but prefer the Maeve spelling. :-)

    Best wishes! :-)

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    Re: Baby Girl # 3!

    I love Maeve Amelie :) It works beautiful with your other daughters' names, as well as your last! Congratulations!

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    Re: Baby Girl # 3!

    I love the name Maeve and would suggest the traditional spelling as well. I also think it is lovely with your other daughters names. How do you pronounce your first daughters name (danny-june)?

    Best of luck to you and Congrats!

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