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    Re: baby name game, five children.

    What is your career?

    What is his name?
    Robert Johanesson

    Where do you move?

    What is your son's name?
    Ian Robert Kwan

    What is he like?
    Shiny dark hair + dark eyes, quiet, a thinker, likes the theater

    Where do you move?

    What is your son's name?
    Nathaniel nn Nathan James

    What is he like?
    Tall and clumsy but good at sports, curly blond hair + brown eyes, sweet and funny

    What is her name?
    Louisa Emmeline

    What is she like?
    Curly red hair, blue eyes, fair skin + freckles, a leader

    What are their names?
    Matilda "Mattie" Eliza and Taddeo "Tad" Connor

    What are they like?
    Mattie: Very funny, friendly + likable, straight brown hair + green eyes, loves soccer
    Tad: A joker, dark hair + eyes and tan skin, loves science + basketball

    Where do you move?
    Cape Cod.

    What are their careers?
    Ian: Stage Actor
    Nate: Competitive swimmer
    Lou: Lawyer
    Mattie: Aspiring author/Web Design
    Tad: Chemist

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