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    Re: Am I totally off my rocker?

    The reason I cautioned you about using Eilonwy as a first name is because I have a very unique first name - it's Chuka. I use my middle name because I got very, very tired of hearing people call me Chuck-uh, asking me how I got the name Chuka, asking me what it meant, how to spell it, what country it was from, why would my parents name me that, say "I've never heard that name before". Some people would just start laughing! Finally I even got tired of people saying that they liked my name! So I changed my name to my middle name. Now the only time I get asked about Chuka is when I'm buying something at some nice little store, and the person who is helping me looks at one of my checks or my credit card. They often say, "What an unusual name!" and then I say, "Thank you." That doesn't happen too often.

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