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    Re: Am I totally off my rocker?

    Quote Originally Posted by jpruitt76
    I think you can get away with it if she goes by Eila. However, if you're unsure, I'd use it in the middle name spot.

    Maybe something like Carys Eilonwy?
    Carys Eilonwy is lovely!

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    Re: Am I totally off my rocker?

    I vote for Carys Eilonwy!

    Some other names could be:
    Brigid Eilonwy
    Maris Eilonwy
    Petra Eilonwy

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    Re: Am I totally off my rocker?

    I love Carys Eilonwy!

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    Re: Am I totally off my rocker?

    Thanks everybody!

    Susan and Elea -- I'm thrilled that you knew the Prydain Chronicles reference! Not many people I've met have read them!

    I personally grew up having to correct the spelling and pronunciation of my name fairly often and it really didn't irk me too much. As soon as people learned it, everything was fine. My classmates were actually helpful too: whenever we had a sub that would mispronounce my name, they were the ones who corrected her.

    Susan, I do love Scandinavian names! I'm mostly Swedish and Norwegian and I'd love to honor that heritage in some way.

    Elea -- I think Endelyn is beautiful! Again, there will be pronunciation issues, but once it's clarified, you're usually good to go. I figure you can have pronunciation issues almost anywhere. I.E. Lea/h = Lay-ah or lee-ah? So that's not a big deal to me.

    Well, I'll keep tossing the idea around. I know I'll turn heads if I do end up naming a daughter Eilonwy, but then again some people thought my son's name was pretty out there too (his name is Rowan). It's Northern Minnesota, what can you do. :)

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    Re: Am I totally off my rocker?

    I don't think you're totally off your rocker. I can see why you like the name, but it's going to constantly be mispronounced and misspelled. Take it from someone who has a first, middle, and last name that nobody knows how to spell or pronounce, it's vastly irritating. I would make it a middle name so she still has the name, and give her a more pronouncable and spellable first name.

    Good luck!

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