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    Which do you like best?

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    Re: Which do you like best?

    Serena - my favourite. A nice twist on out-and-out virtue names, it is feminine without being flamboyant - ever-so-slightly edgy, even.
    Eden - reminds me of names such as Paradise and Nevaeh, which make me feel a little peaky, but in itself is actually not a bad name.
    Kennedy - too masculine for my tastes, especially as it invites the Ken nickname.
    Piper - one of the only very-American names that I like, I've thought it quite cool and sassy ever since I first heard it (on an episode of Charmed; I seem to remember the character was nice, too).

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    Re: Which do you like best?

    Eden and Serena are my favorites from your list.

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Which do you like best?

    I think Kennedy is the best one of the lot.

    In theory, I also like Serena, but it's a little bit Amber or Tiffany kind of name to me, or I guess Britney or Nevaeh now, sort of eh.. overused. It's a touchy subject and I don't want anyone to get mad at me.

    Eden - it has some sort of religious tones, not sure whether this is sin or knowledge or just a garden and creation for people. I tend to focus on the snake and the apple here. I don't know, it just seems kind of naughty, like someone on a soap opera, not the nice one.

    Piper - I might be the only one who doesn't like this name, it gets recommended a lot. If one gets used to it, I guess it's not so bad, but it seems so random that this would become a name for common usage. Piper. Pipe. Put that in your Piper and smoke it. It's just so random to me!

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    Re: Which do you like best?

    Serena is my fave totally beautiful and totally underused!

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