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Thread: Oceane?

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    Océane gives me grief. It's certainly lovely, I just have no clue to pronounce it. I'd say it oh-SHANE, though I'm almost 100% positive that's incorrect. I think it's said like oh-say-AN, but I sometimes horribly butcher French names.

    Anyone have any insight?

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    Re: Oceane?


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    Re: Oceane?

    I tried my youtube trick and came up with nuthin'. People with this name or daughters or friends with this name like to make pictorial montages set to music. A couple of them like to host teen on teen wrestling matches. One of them tried to make their infant daughter taste one of those bitter tart lollipops and she cried the whole time. :( And the 'da ba dee' phrase of the song Blue (Da Ba Dee) is different in French.

    I think it's o-say-ahn, and I'm not sure why. Oh-shayne is improbable. It might be O-shay-an, but that doesn't sound like any of the French I took.

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    Re: Oceane?

    I looked it up to double check, and found o-say-AN.

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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    Re: Oceane?

    My husband is of French descent, and had a great aunt by this beautiful, beautiful name. Hers was pronounced O-say-an.

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