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    Fun made-up names!!!

    Ok. So we all hate made-up names, but try to think of names you've heard or seen that you think could be legit.

    Here goes!

    Brigidette- Modern version of Bernadette?

    Camlo- Streamlined Camilla.

    Andover- For lovers of classic Andrew and exotic Evander.

    Maclara- Could be a fabulous Celtic name or bad blend of Clara and Makala.

    Ender- Love it.

    Kova/Cova- Simple yet unique.

    Corleigh- Surname that could be used for first.

    Critneigh- Personally don't like, but a blend of fading Brittany and Courtney.

    I have more, but i'll get to those later!
    Add your own!

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    Re: NEW names!

    Cova is very beautiful :)

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    Re: NEW names!

    Fun post!

    Cova/Kova is so pretty!

    I'll have a go. . .

    How about Kovielle nickname Kova?

    or Kavielle nickname Kavi? Sort of like Brielle.

    Savienne - combination of Savannah and Vivienne

    Eveliese - Eve and Analiese

    Viera - moderization of Vera and Siera?

    Katalya - combination of Katya and Natalya

    ... ha ha that was fun! LOL :)

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    Re: NEW names!

    S'more names!

    Alibya- My baby cousin named her kitty this. Maybe too close to Olivia.

    Sora- This may be a real name, not sure! But it is way cooler than Sara.

    Knoxden- I don't like this, but I do know a baby named this...

    Kender- Less girly Kendra

    Elke- Met a little girl named this. May be a name already...

    Malo- May-low

    Visa- Yes, like the credit card. Vee-za or Vee-sa.

    Isler- Eye-ler. This is a little bit awesome. : )

    Eljay- Like the letters LJ.

    Viven- Sleeker Vivien.


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    Re: NEW names!


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