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    Re: Please help!! Going back and forth between a few names!

    I think your reasons for liking Stella are very sweet, and if you like it use it. So what if there is another Stella in her class at school? There was more than 1 Courtney in my elementary school classes, and I don't feel traumatized or marginalized because I was Courtney A. for a few years. She'll be out of school more than she's in school over the course of her life. I think having a name with family significance will mean more to her in the long run than the fact that she had to be Stella R. in class for a year or two.

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    Re: Please help!! Going back and forth between a few names!

    First of all, Sophia and Marie are beautiful middle names - I think you've made a great choice!
    Stella Sophia Marie - Stella is nice, not overused, and would work well on an adult as well as on a little girl.
    Hadley Sophia Marie - I am personally not fond of surname-names, but as they go this is not bad.
    Emmeline Sophia Marie - I think Emmeline is beautiful and goes well with the middle names with regards to style. I also like Jill's suggestion of Emilia. There is the problem of her being one amongst so many Emmas and Emilys, though ... I think this is the only drawback.
    Eliza Sophia Marie - fits well with the middle names.
    Adeline Sophia Marie - also pretty.

    The names people have suggested :
    Annabel - lovely, offers different nn options, feminine but not flamboyant, and goes well with Sophia Marie.
    Daphne - beautiful, classic, feminine - I love!
    Violet - this name is one of my favourites, although it doesn't flow as well, in my opinion, as some of your other choices with Sophia Marie.
    Poppy - I love; a very nice flow, not overused, pretty ... the only problem I can see is that apparently people in America often call their grandfathers this?
    Rowena - quite pretty.

    My votes go for (in order) :
    Daphne Sophia Marie
    Emmeline/Emilia Sophia Marie
    Annabel Sophia Marie.

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    Re: Please help!! Going back and forth between a few names!

    Well I love all your name choices, but here's my input...
    - Stella is adorable but a) it is getting a little popular and b) if the middle name is Sophia Marie, Stella Sophia sounds a little werid.
    - I LOVE HADLEY! My best friend named her daughter Hadley, otherwise I'd use it in a second. Hadley Sophia Marie Rogers sounds adorable.
    - Emmeline and Eliza are both GORGEOUS. I love them both and you definately cant go wrong with either.

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    Re: Please help!! Going back and forth between a few names!

    You have lots of lovely names on your list. My favourite is Eliza. I think it is cool but classic. I have no idea about popularity in The States. I think it is on the rise here (UK) but certainly not popular.
    I also love Emmeline and Stella is nice too. The only one I'm not keen on is Hadley as I find it too trendy.

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