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    Re: Please help!! Going back and forth between a few names!

    Hi ... LOVE Stella :) but it is going to get popular ... so if that will bother you in five years, you may want to rule it out. Also love Eliza and that one seems different than Stella in that it is never really overly popular (compared with Elizabeth) and it doesn't really seem dated/out of style now or I would think even in the future.

    Hadley ... seems too harsh imo for a little girl... would you consider Holly (around #360) or Halley/Hallie (nn Hal is so cute ... not even in the top 1000). Also think Hattie is cute. Also thought of Haven ...

    Emmeline ... like it, but the whole some people say -line, some people say -leen would bother me enough not to use it myself.

    I'm just realizing that this post wasn't all that helpful ... sorry!! :) Good luck!

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    Re: Please help!! Going back and forth between a few names!

    Karen, thank you for your thoughtful comment! I do like Stella a means star and she will be born in December so that is kind of neat. You hit the nail on the head with only worry with that one is that she will be shuffled into the same catagory with all the other "Em" names. But I do still love it. And no, Hadley isn't a family name, I wish I had a cool sounding surname in the family to use as a first but unfortunately I do not.

    Thanks Jan0105, I pronounce it Emma-line. The only time I would ever use leen would be if I named her Emmelina...which I have also considered.

    Emily28, all posts are helpful!! I appreciate you taking the time to give me your opinion :) I like Stella too, I just wish it wouldn't have the potential to get super popular. I like Eliza because it has a spunky feel, and cute nn potentail. At first Hadley was at the top of my list, but after saying it so many times outloud, it does kind of have a harsh sound. I do like Halley/Hallie, but a close friend's daughters name is Haley, is that too similiar? Halley could also be mispronounced too, like Emmeline.

    I never knew naming a baby would be so incredibly difficult, there are so many things to think about with each name I am considering. I appreciate all the great feedback and would love some more opinions. Also, what do you guys think of Adeline? Too close to the very comment Addison/Madeline? I love the nn potential with Adeline as well.

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    Re: Please help!! Going back and forth between a few names!

    Hello Meganmr,
    I think you have a great list here - and yes, I find this naming process to be far more complicated and, frankly, nervewracking than I would ever have imagined! But I don't think you can go wrong with this list. Here are my opinions:

    Stella - I'm not sure where you live, but I don't think this name will reach the heights of popularity on the level of Ava or Madison. I love the meaning and sound.

    Hadley - I grew up with a Hadley. I like the strong aspect of this name. Also, it manages to avoid sounding too surnamey, in my opinion. And you certainly won't have to worry about popularity.

    Emmeline - I love this as well. I think the extra syllable gives it enough difference from Emma/Emily. I also like your preferred pronunciation. It's delicate without edging into fluffy territory.

    Eliza - I think of this as a nice, traditional, feminine name that has some backbone to it. Certainly it could never be accused of being trendy, which is nice.

    Good luck! This is a great list. Personally, my favorites are Eliza and Emmeline. I also think these two go best with your chosen middle names.

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    Re: Please help!! Going back and forth between a few names!

    I really like Emmeline.

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    Re: Please help!! Going back and forth between a few names!

    I've always loved the name Stella.

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