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Thread: Margo?

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    Re: Margo?

    I LOVE the name Margo, if I ever have another little girl her name will surely be Margo Clare. If you love the name, don't let her last name deter you, but if you like other names equally, go for an alternative choice. Her name may not be Marks her whole life anyway...

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    Re: Margo?

    I second KimberlyM, she will most likely get married some day and change her last name, and she'll still have the super cool first name, Margo! Margo is one of my favorite names, it's really got it all, if you ask me. Margo Marks, hmmm, I think it's pretty cute. I agree with whoever said it's got kind of a comic book feel, in a good way!
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    Re: Margo?

    She may not get married or she may want to keep her name. I think Margo is a fine name, but just because she may change Marks to something else someday, I don't think it's a great idea to think of one's daughter someday changing her name if she has to put up with it for 20-30 years or longer. That's a long time! That's the time when you become yourself. If you were naming a boy would you name him something that sounds a little awkward, because he won't change his name; you wouldn't, would you? I guess some people do and have, but I think if you wouldn't name something like this a boy, you shouldn't do it to your daughter. Consider her last name is her last name just as you would a boy. I still have my last name. Would I have liked to live this long with a first name that rhymed just because my parents assumed I would get married anyway someday, and then I would change my name when that happened?

    Sorry for the rant, but if the people love and approve the name Margo Marks and the best they can come up with is yeah, it does sound awkward, but don't worry, she'll probably change it in several decades to something else, you probably shouldn't put her through the first part of her life with that name.

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