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Thread: Margo?

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    Does Margo Marks sounds TOO peppy and alliterative? Do you think "Minnie Mouse"? Or is the Mar Mar too much?

    Because I adore the name Margo.

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    Re: Margo?

    I don't think of Minnie Mouse, but I don't like Margo Marks. It runs together too much. It kind of sounds like Marky Mark to me when I say it.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Margo?

    I agree. Margo is just really too close to Marks. Maybe you could use Margret instead and nickname her Margo!

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    Re: Margo?

    Yes, I think it sounds a little odd together. Not really Minnie Mouse, sort of like maybe a news reporter, the cheery one who wakes up at 3 to be at her desk by 4:55am and repeat the same 6 stories for the next 2 hours. Or an Olympic athlete. I think Olympic athletes often have names you remember for being kind of corny.

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    Re: Margo?

    It makes me think of a comic book character name; it just depends on what you're going for. It's certainly memorable and unexpected.

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