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    Two Middle Names?

    Hello Ladies! I love this site & always receive great advice! Now that it's now confirmed I am pregnant with ribbons & bows I would LOVE ALL OF YOUR ADVICE & SUPPORT on finding the PERFECT name :) (& please don't get sick of me over the weeks/months)

    When I was expecting my daughter my husband & I kicked around the idea of giving her two middle names; Riley Elizabeth-Grace. Somehow in the mix Grace was dropped & She was named Riley Elizabeth.

    This time around Grace is sneaking her pretty little face back into the picture.

    Quinn Olivia-Grace or Quinn Sophia-Grace. My reasoning for wanting two middle names is because I think the middle names Olivia & Sophia sound better as first names when paired with Quinn - (& I would really love to keep Quinn as a first name) However, if I add Grace after Olivia & Sophia I no longer think it sounds like the names should be rearranged ... Is anyone following me on this one? Or am I alone? lol

    So, my 2 part question is...
    Does giving 2 MN's make the name too long? & which name do you prefer?

    Quinn Olivia-Grace
    Quin Sophia-Grace
    Quinn Olivia
    Quinn Sophia

    *other suggestions ALWAYS welcome*

    (Siblings are named Riley Elizabeth & Lucas Sawyer - Last name is Helmick)

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    Re: Two Middle Names?

    I think that you should either do Quinn Sophia or Quinn Olivia. I think if you through Grace in there you would be getting an uber-trendy name. But if you do choose to have 2 middle names I don't think you should use the hyphen because it just doesn't look right. Hope this helps and congrats on your baby girl that is so exciting!

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    Re: Two Middle Names?

    I have 2 middle names and I think it is a great idea. I added the 2nd middle name when I got married since I could change my name to whatever I wanted.

    My Great-Grandmother was named Olive, when my mother was born, she was named Olivia. My Grandmother had lost her mother at an early age and it was an honor to her mother. Also, when my aunt was born, she was named Paulette, after her father, Paul.

    When I was born, I thought that the tradition should have continued, but, my mother did not keep it going. When I got married, I added a second middle name. Audra, to honor my grandmother, Audrey.

    I love the idea of a 2nd middle name. Mine is unique since I named myself after my grandmother, but, my grandmother was an awesome woman and I love having a part of her in my name.

    Go for the 2nd middle name, it is great!!! Just keep saying them to yourself and outloud and you will find the order that works best.
    Happily married mother of three, Matilda, Eloise and Walter born August 1, 2011

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    Re: Two Middle Names?

    What exciting news! :-) I'm really glad that you decided to stick with Quinn, because you clearly love it! Between Quinn Sophia and Quinn Olivia, I'm going to go with Quinn Olivia, because to me, Quinn Sophia sounds like Queen Sofia (of Spain). (Quinn Elizabeth sounds like Queen Elizabeth to me, too, but that may just be me! :-)

    I think Quinn Olivia Helmick or Quinn Olivia Grace Helmick are very, very pretty. :-)

    Some more combos you may like with Grace:

    Quinn Alexandra Grace
    Quinn Amelia Grace
    Quinn Cordelia Grace
    Quinn Louisa Grace
    Quinn Rosalie Grace

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Two Middle Names?

    I really like the idea of having multiple middle names. More people will probably start to do that. Really, I would likely have more than one middle name if I had children. Some reasons being that I wouldnt be able to decide between names, to balance out popularity among the entire name, to honor family members, and for it to be enough so that everyone is satisfied with it. I do suggest removing the hyphen, though. If I may say, it looks a bit awkward.

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