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    what do you think?

    what do you think of the name Lily Hermione? i know it is very Harry Potter, but its really growong on me. thoughts/opinions? any suggestions using Hermoine as a middle name?

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    Re: what do you think?

    Lily is very pretty but not at all as unique as Hermione (which I love!!!!) The name is VERY Harry Potter, but the characters themselves have no negative connotations attached, which to me makes this name useable. The name Hermione originally comes from Greek mythology where she was the daughter of Menelaus and Helen. In that sense, J.K. Rowling wasn't the first to use it either. If you are very concerned with the literary connection, you could always use a nickname for Hermione...


    Those are just a few

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    Re: what do you think?

    I think that Lily Hermione is a very pretty name and a good balance of short/long names... I wouldnt be concerned about it sounding "harry potter-ish" because in a few years, it wont be so publicly known...My husband's name is Brett Michael and he gets teased every once in a while for Brett Michaels (singer/artist)... It gives him something to talk about when asked and he isnt resentful of the name either... I think your baby girl will feel somewhat the same about the name Lily Hermione!


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