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    Re: Girl name help PLEASE!

    Cori, Wes, and...
    Addie, nn for Adele
    Anna, nn for Marianna
    Bea, nn for Beatrice
    Desi, nn for Desiree
    Dilly, nn for Dilys or even Dallas
    Edie, nn for Edith
    Evie, nn for Evelyn
    Izzy, nn for Isabel
    Jackie, nn for Jacqueline
    Josie, nn for Josephine
    Lily, nn for Lillian, but very popular. I love Lily though.
    Maisie, nn for Margaret
    Nora, nn for Eleanor or Leonora
    Ollie, nn for Olive or Olivia
    Perry, nn for Parisa, look up Parisa on "check out a name".
    Sanna, nn for Susanna
    Rosie, nn for Rose
    Tillie, nn for Matilda
    Willa, nn for Wilhelmina

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