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    HELP! :( Baby name remorse!

    I have been home with my little girl 3 months and can't get used to the sound of her name. I feel SO sad I just can't seem to fall in love with her name the way I am completely in love with my precious daughter. I love older, classic names, but wanted to name my daughter a "J" name in honor of my grandmother (Janet). A friend had just named their daughter Julia, so out of what was left in the J pool we chose Jillian which is a completely different style for the kind of names I usually like. I am afraid this name may sound dated, and people seem to mispronounce it. I'm just not sure, I thought I liked it! 3 months too late to change a name?!?! I really want her to have a name that sounds strong and classey, and most importantly a name she will grow up to love (or at least like!). What do you think of when you hear the name Jillian?

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