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    Brynn as a sibling name for Brooke

    What do you think of naming our second daughter Brynn? Our first is Brooke. My husband loves the name Brynn. Is it too similar to Brooke? What would be a good middle name for Brynn? Thanks!

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    Re: Brynn as a sibling name for Brooke

    Brooke and Brynn are matchy but not horrible together. I like both names a lot.

    Here some other names that remind me of Brynn just in case -

    Brooke and Brinley
    Brooke and Bridget
    Brooke and Bela - pronounced bay-la
    Brooke and Quinn
    Brooke and Evan
    Brooke and Dorian
    Brooke and Gwyn/Gwen
    Brooke and Morgan - two of my favorite mn's.
    Brooke and Lauren/Loren/ect.
    Brooke and Maren
    Brooke and Wren - I like these two together a lot.

    Brynn Alexandra or Brynn Alexandria
    Brynn Evangeline
    Brynn Elizabeth
    Brynn Josephine
    Brynn Lorelei

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    Re: Brynn as a sibling name for Brooke

    It is quite matchy but I think they sound good together and if you both agree on Brynn and think it works then I say go for it! 'Br' is also a good combination to keep running with as there are buckets of names starting with 'Br'. When I was younger I knew a family who had four kids called Britney, Brandon, Brodie and Brianna and their dog was Brinkley so there you go!
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    Re: Brynn as a sibling name for Brooke

    Brynn Amelia
    Brynn Louisa
    Brynn Marielle
    Brynn Olivia (popular, though)
    Brynn Rosalie
    Brynn Sophia (popular)
    Brynn Victoria

    You may also like Wynn, which would eliminate the similarities between Brynn and Brooke.

    Good luck!

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