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    Re: HELP! :( Baby name remorse!

    I don't think Jillian is "way uncool" or "trashy" at all, but if you were planning on a little Charlotte or Louisa (or any classic/vintage name), I completely understand the "style shock" you're experiencing. For what it's worth, I far prefer Jillian to Jill, but on the bright side, I've enjoyed being called "Jillie," "Jillybean," and a bunch of other fun nicknames that do apply to Jillian, too. I've always viewed Jillian as the modern version of my name.

    I'm sure this has already been suggested, but have you considered Julia? Jill is the diminutive of Julia, so I think it would make sense, and you'd get the classic name.

    The bottom line, is that you're not happy with the name, and that's what's important. If you could name you little girl anything, what name is in your heart? What name would be thrilled to call her and to have her grow up with?

    (And once again, don't worry, because everything will work out, and you'll be able to look back on this someday and smile.) :-)

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    Re: HELP! :( Baby name remorse!

    Jillian doesn't sound "trashy" at all. I think it's a fine name that could still sound familiar even when it's used less because of the increase in Lillians and Julians, etc. If you're uncomfortable with it personally, though, that's valid and it's not too late to change it. Good luck!

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    Re: HELP! :( Baby name remorse!

    I LOVE Jillian! It is actually a name that has been on my list for a little while because Jill is a sweet but strong name in my eyes and Jilly is just too cute for a little peanut!

    Have you tried calling her Jill or Jilly consistently for several days? You may feel that her full name doesn't yet suit her (its hard for a sweet baby to hold up to a more grown up name at first!) But Jill or Jilly might fit her very well!

    Let us know how its going!
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    Re: HELP! :( Baby name remorse!

    I don't think Jillian is trashy at all.

    What's her middle name, could you use that instead?

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    Re: HELP! :( Baby name remorse!

    I personally love the name Jillian. I think its adorable and feminine on a little girl, yet still appropriate and professional on an adult. Its easy to pronounce, easy to spell. And lovely that it has a family connection.

    As suggested earlier - please don't just change the first letter to G. Having a dear friend named Gillian, she loves the name, hates the spelling. It almost always is spelled incorrectly, she feels its more masculine and many people pronounce a hard G (like Gilligan).

    What is Jillian's middle name? Perhaps you just haven't thought of the right nickname for her yet!

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