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    Eamonn's Brother

    I am desperately seeking a name for my 2nd son. I fell in love with the name Eamonn when I was pregnant the first time early on and have not found another name that I like as much this time around. I like the fact that Eamonn is unique enough that some people have never even heard it before, but it is not a trendy made up name, just an old name that is not used a lot. We have considered naming this one after one of our fathers and using the other father's name as the middle name, but are having a hard time picking which dad because we don't want to hurt one by honoring the other. I saw the name Conall last night for the first time and kind of liked that also. Anyhow, here are the three maybes, but please feel free to post some strong/old fashioned/unique names too! Thanks!!!

    Thomas Louis
    Louis Thomas
    Conall (not sure of a middle name yet)

    PS - the last name is Joyce

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