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    You and your high school sweetheart have been dating since the 2nd semester of your sophomore year.

    What is your name? Peyton Wynn Pease

    What is your boyfriends name? Niall Edward McAdams

    You are now just out of high school and preparing for college.

    You are going to college to become? A midwife.

    He is going to college to become? A judge.

    He proposes to you but, you both agree to wait until you are done with college before you get married. A few years later, you finish college and get married.

    Where do you get married? Niall's hometown - Rochester, New York

    Where do you go for your honeymoon? Fiji

    You get back from your honeymoon and buy a house.

    Describe the house. Two story condo in NYC with two bedrooms and one full bath.

    You and your husband both get good paying jobs. You know that right now you don't want a baby since you are focusing on your career but, you do get a dog.

    What kind of dog? Great Dane

    Male or Female? Male

    What do you name it? Brody

    Three years later, after getting a big promotion, you decide you want a baby and you get pregnant. Nine months later you have a baby girl. You and your husband come up with a name you both love.

    What is her name? Sierra Gabrielle McAdams

    Your daughter is two, when you and your husband decide to take a family vacation. Your family of three has an amazing time.

    Where do you go? Dublin, Ireland

    Two years later, your husband and you start discussing the option of having another child. You both agree it is something you want. A few months later you find out you are pregnant and 9 months later you have another baby girl. You also name her something that you and your husband love.

    What is her name? Delaney Lou McAdams

    2 years later your daughters are getting along great, and you and your husband both recieve promotions. However, you have the itch to have another baby. Your husband thinks another one would be a good idea. It takes longer this time for you to concieve but, eventually, you get pregnant. You have a healthy little boy. You name him something you are both fond of.

    What is his name? Christian Jacob McAdams

    Now that your children are older you decide to take another family vacation.

    Where do you go? Tokoyo, Japan

    You are very pleased with your family.

    The End.
    A sixteen year old name addict.

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