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    Re: I need assistance.. badly

    Of the names you listed, I definitely think Bridget goes best with Gretchen, and is also impervious to nicknames. Meredith is great too.

    My favorite name from your list is Molly, but it definitely has a very very different feel than Gretchen.

    I love the suggestion of Gwyneth - but would this get nicknamed Gwen?

    What about
    Liesl or Annaliese
    Kiersten*** I think this is a winner but will others think it dated? I don't at all.

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    Re: I need assistance.. badly

    Your List:

    Cordelia - This is a pretty name, but I can't help to think about the character on Buffy/Angel. Her NN was Cordi.

    Bridget - not a huge fan

    Penelope - Cute name, but doesn't seem to go well with Gretchen

    Hazel - Pretty name, but I don't think it has the same strength was Gretchen.

    Susannah - I think the poor girl will grow up with people singing "Oh Susana" to her.

    Kendall - I like this name, my SO and I actually tossed it around for our baby girl.

    Molly/Mollie - I mostly dislike this name b/c it means "bitter".

    Elizabeth - Beautiful classic name, but will end up being shortened.

    Josephine - Same as Elizabeth

    Meredith - Love the name. Not sure how well it goes with Gretchen, but is one of my favorites off of your list.

    Catherine- Same as Elizabeth & Josephine

    Tessa - Cute cute name ... but she may be called Tess.

    Genevieve - Pretty name - but I am not a fan of siblings having a name that begin with the same letter.

    ....I saw another list someone suggested Audrey. I LOVE the name and feel it fits nicely with Gretchen. Both very classic beautiful names. We considered Audrey Isabell for out daughter. While I liked the name it just didn't feel right for our little one.

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