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    Please help! My 7wk old daughter is w/o a name...sort of

    Okay, so we named our little sweetie Wilhelmina, aware that many (Linda and Pamela included) don't exactly share in our adoration for the name. We love it's old-fashioned, quirky, melodious qualities, and the fact that it has so many nicknames. The myriad of nicknames was essential, given that Wilhelmina is just too long for everyday use. For our first two we chose nicknames that they use almost exclusively in place of thier longer given names. We narrowed the list of possible nicknames down while we were pregnant, and assumed that one of our choices would just settle on her once we met her, becoming her primary name. Not so.
    We just can't settle on one and now we have a nick name mess! Everyone calls her something different (seldom Wilhelmina) and even I shift around between choices depending on my mood. Family and friends are understandably frustrated by our fickleness, and just want to know what to call her. I want to settle on a name before something less desireable sticks...

    Here are the variations we like (well, actualy, my husband likes them equally, and would just like me to hurry up and choose...)
    *Mina- Sweet and simple, works well, but a bit lacking in character for me.
    *Minka- The Polish variation, and probably my favorite, but receiving the most resistance from family and friends. Many ask where the "K" came from. I also tend to call her "Minkie" (I know, it's fabric) sometimes along with this. I sometimes wonder if I wouldn't have went with Minka in the first place, if my mom and sister hadn't run it into the ground...
    *Mimi- I love to call her this, but fear it doesn't hold up as a primary name. I actualy think it will always be my little pet name for her, reguardless of what she goes by!
    *Winnie- This is what my dad calls her, and It's really grown on me, but since we've been using the "M" variations for this long, I don't know if we could make the switch (a side note, my dad has his own name for every one of his grandkids-it's his thing)
    *Many of you will be tempted to suggest Willa, but for personal reasons, that one is not an option.

    Sorry this is long, but I would really appreciate some oustide advice.

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    Re: Please help! My 7wk old daughter is w/o a name...sort of

    I love Mimi the best. Good luck!

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    Re: Please help! My 7wk old daughter is w/o a name...sort of

    I like Mina officially, with Mimi being used as her sweet little pet name :)


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    Re: Please help! My 7wk old daughter is w/o a name...sort of

    I love Wilhelmina - very individual, classic yet quirky :D
    Mina - a very good name all round. Suits most people (i.e. when she's a child, teenager, if she becomes a lawyer or an actress). My favourite.
    Minka - personally, I don't like this, but I can see it's appeal. Just prepare yourself for more of the "where did the k come from?" questions.
    Mimi - just too fussy. Even for a child it is ridiculously cutesy, in my opinion, and so imagine it on an adult ...
    Winnie - just adorable too, and very unusual; for me, this is joint with Mina. Why not let your dad have this as his nn for her, and everyone else can call her Mina? The best of both worlds!
    I hope this helped!

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    Re: Please help! My 7wk old daughter is w/o a name...sort of

    I think Mina is the best NN for her. Its a well rounded name that she can use through out her life.

    Minka is a tad unusual.

    Mimi & and Winnie are a little on the cutesy side and she my have a hard time in her teen and adult years be taken seriously.

    Best of luck to you ... please let us know what you decide!

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