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Thread: Livia

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    Re: Livia

    Well, I have a Lydia - she's not even two yet - and it's not uncommon for people to call her "Olivia." To be fair, that's mostly kids who have friends named Olivia. Adults usually get it right.

    Livia is somewhat less common, so I would definitely expect a lot of "Olivia"s. But you know, it's such a beautiful name, and has so much history. I think it would almost be worth it!

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    Re: Livia

    Anecdotally speaking, my name has been mistaken for Lisa and Stephanie. Not even one Carol or Caroline or Kathy.

    Also, I do like Livia. I also like Olivia and Lydia! I think if you have a sweet name like Livia in mind, you shouldn't stop to worry about anyone mixing it up - once you straighten the regular people in your lives on the fact, like family and teachers/school administrators, it won't even be a constant issue.

    Thanks Jill for the shout-out! I do tend to be more of a random name suggester, though. If someone wants Latin-based names particularly, I'm not as confident in the sources and origins and really keeping a lot of names sorted in my brain like that, and not likely to look them up to make sure.

    From the lists so far - I like Sylvia as an option, Vera, and Viviana.

    Also like Claudia, Adriana, Felicity, and Juliana.

    My ultimate suggestion would be to consider Livia until something blows it completely away. It is relatively simple and not complicated at all - some people will be confused for 2-3 seconds. I could imagine any name anyone ever suggested will get the same treatment, and then for the fact I think a lot of people these days expect more names they hadn't heard before than they might have a long time ago, and try to catch it the first time. The most popular name for girls, Emma, probably has to correct a bunch of people who think her name is Emily, and vice versa, Isabelle, Annabelle, or is it -bella? Same thing. I think Livia's not going to have what you think is a "unique" problem.

    I like this, Livia!

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    Re: Livia

    Wow, thanks for all this help, everyone! Your responses are encouraging me to think that this isn't really so much of an issue. I mean, if Susan confuses people, then maybe we should just let the Olivia factor go! Phaedrap, your experience with your Lydia is encouraging. Jill, from your list I am very attracted to Octavia, Louisa, Beatrix, Cecilia, and Claudia! I think we'll follow Karen's advice and keep it as a strong potential name unless/until something new blows us away. Many thanks again.

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