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    Re: Middle name for Isabelle

    Isabelle Kinsley is my FAV! sounds so pretty together, 2nd vote Isabelle Matilda..
    I have always liked, Isabelle Kate ...good luck

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    Re: Middle name for Isabelle

    Isabelle Juliet is very nice.

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    Re: Middle name for Isabelle

    It's a hard one! Here are my ideas, please share your opinions/favorites and also suggestions for more if you have any! Last name Leonard.

    Isabelle Jocasta
    Isabelle Matilda
    Isabelle Delaney
    Isabelle Kinsley
    Isabelle Sophia
    Isabelle Maisey
    Isabelle Cassia
    Isabelle Juliet
    Isabelle Rose
    Isabelle Madeline

    Of your choices Isabelle Juliet is my favorite with Isabelle Matilda second. The only thing I noticed was that Isabelle ends in an L sound and your last name starts with the L sound, so that they might run together?

    Best of Luck!

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    Re: Middle name for Isabelle

    I think b/c her first name and last name contain 2+ syllables to keep her name from being a mouthful choosing a simple middle name. From your list I liked Isabelle Rose Leonard the best.

    For our daughter after I swayed from Audrey Isabelle I thought about Isabelle Grace. We ended up going with Brenna Grace. Heh so I am bias towards it as a middle name.

    Best of luck to you!

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