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    Re: Full name needed for nn Ali

    Maybe your sister doesn't love names that start with Ali . . . how about a name that ends with it instead?

    I think Kamali is beautiful and sounds great with Adam (also it means spirit, which is lovely).

    She might not love the double K of Kamali Kahn, though - personally, I think it's fine, though especially with a nice middle name in between.

    I'm sure there are plenty of other names that end with Ali as well, if she doesn't like that suggestion, and I think that might be the direction to start looking since some really beautiful Ali-starting names have already been rejected. (My personal favorite of the suggestions so far, though, has been Althea - I think Althea Kahn is gorgeous!)
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    Re: Full name needed for nn Ali

    There have been so many wondrous suggestions already, but I would just like to propose one more than I haven't seen: Alease. My best friend's niece has this name, and it suits her quite well :) She is called Ali more often than not.

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    Re: Full name needed for nn Ali

    Just putting my vote in for Alice or Alyssa

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