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    Re: Full name needed for nn Ali

    I can't delete this, so just ignore. :-)

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    Re: Full name needed for nn Ali

    This might be a stretch to get to Ali, but we have a friend named Amalia. I've really grown to love it! It's pronounced Aw-muh-lia.

    Very sweet story, btw!

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    Re: Full name needed for nn Ali

    I couldn't sell my sister on any of the names you suggested, although I think Alexandra and Amalia are really nice, so if any of you have any other ideas, i would love to hear them. Thanks a bunch for the help by the way!

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    Re: Full name needed for nn Ali

    Alexia (although it sounds a bit like lexicon with her last name)
    Alouette (French word for lark, really cute, not totally sure it goes with Khan)

    Has she thought about giving her a first name that begins with "A" and a mn that begins with "L"? For example, Anna Lillian?
    :: o l i v e ::

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    Re: Full name needed for nn Ali

    Alessandra (Bit matchy)
    Alina (My favorite of these)
    Alyssa (Very popular, kind of outdated, doesn't sound great with last name)

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