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Thread: Hansley

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    Re: Hansley

    It is nice if that's what people want. I made up this name, do you like it? I don't want to hear if you think there's something wrong with it. I only like positive feedback. It's really not the worst name in the world, but I think if people are interested in the reception people will have to the name you give your child, it's mostly helpful before the child is named. It's ok if babyberry doesn't like hearing negative sentiments over the name Hansley, but I think if she is firm in her love with the name and intends to go forward with it despite some advice against it, she and her child are going to hear it sometimes. She can use this information to weigh the positives and negatives, or she can brush it off and go ahead if it means that much. But I guess that if it makes someone sad to hear negative feedback, they probably shouldn't have asked what anyone thought of it, and instead, asked, 'who else likes the name I'm probably going to use?'

    I guess I feel so awful now, but what is it about the internet and people being too sensitive to honest and politely worded feedback? Is everything wonderful? Does anyone want to give their kid a bad name and hear about it when it's too late? I don't say we can change anyone's mind, but the people who do ask for advice well, I expect they want to make sure they didn't overlook something that will embarrass them later or any issues they aren't aware of with a name. That's not a negative thing to try to do for folks who willingly ask, is it?

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    Re: Hansley

    I think the name is pretty. I have seen this name in a book, baby names around the world.. It is Norse I believe. It was for a boy, but I agree it would be cute for a girls name. Double neat it is after your maiden name. I read some of the posts and I could see why they made you sad, some were rude! I would feel bad after reading them to! But I see that on here alot. I think the last comment was uncalled for, but good luck to you and I do like Hansley over Finley but always been fond of Finley for a girl.

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    Re: Hansley

    Hi guys, We have narrowed it down to:

    Hansley Grace
    Hansley Esme
    Hansley Violett
    Hansley Sofia
    Finley Esme

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