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    Re: Long Baby Name Game--MULTIPLE GENERATIONS!

    You are 18 and just out of high school. Youíve been dating the quarterback for the past 3 years and during the summer after graduation he proposes to you.

    What is your name?
    Caroline Elizabeth

    What is your boyfriendís name?
    Devyn Joseph Veilleux

    What job is he going to get?
    Football Coach @ Stanford

    You quickly get married in just a few short months, it wasnít your dream wedding but, he is your dream man and thatís all that matters to you. After a few months you find out you are pregnant and nine months later you have a daughter. You want her initials to be the same as yours.

    What is Daughter #1ís name?
    Cassidy Elida (L- I- Duh)

    When your darling daughter is 3, you find out you are pregnant again. You give birth to a baby boy and you can decide rather to give him the same name as his father or just the same initials.

    What is Son #1ís name?
    Daniel John

    Your children are 8 and 5, and you hadnít planned on having more children but you start wanting another baby. Your husband agrees and you quickly become pregnant. You have twin girls. You name them whatever you want.

    What is Daughter #2ís name?
    Juliet Maria

    What is Daughter #3ís name?
    Alice Ann

    Your children are 10, 7, 2, and 2, when you become pregnant again. This time you have a little boy. You want his initials to be J.C.

    What is Son #2ís name?
    Jacob Carter

    Years later all your children are grown and out on their own. Daughter #1 gets married to a doctor. The doctor already has a 5 year old son from a previous marriage.

    What is Daughter #1ís husbandís name?
    Eric Johanson

    What is Daughter #1ís step-sonís name?
    Chris Johanson

    Not too long after Daughter #1 got married, Daughter #2 got married to. She marries a mechanic but, he still has a decent amount of income, enough to support a family.

    What is Daughter #2ís husbandís name?
    Johny Hale

    Days after Son #1 gets married to a beautiful young woman that worked at the bank, Daughter #1 and her husband announce that they are going to have a baby.

    What is Son #1ís wifeís name?
    Anna Loraine

    Daughter #1 and her husband have a baby boy. They want his first name to be after his grandfather (your husband) and his middle name to be after his father (Daughter #1ís husband).

    What is Grandson #1ís name?
    Devyn Eric

    Just after Daughter #1 has a boy, you find out that Daughter #2 is expecting a baby. A few months later you have twin granddaughters. Your daughter names them names that are extremely matchy-matchy, despite your efforts trying to convince her that when they are older they wonít appreciate it.

    What is Granddaughter #1ís name?
    Maria Jane

    What is Granddaughter #2ís name?
    Sophia Lane

    A few months later Daughter #3 calls you to tell you that her and her boyfriend are finally getting married and she tells you the day they have set for their wedding, just moments after saying goodbye and hanging up, Son #1 calls you and tells you that he and his wife are having their first baby, the due date is the same day as the date Daughter #3 set for her wedding. So, when that day comes your grandbaby hasnít been born yet and you go to your youngest daughterís wedding.

    What is Daughter #3ís husbandís name?
    Hunter Collins

    Just as they cut the cake, Son #1ís wife goes into labor. She is rushed to the hospital. A few hours later you have a beautiful baby granddaughter. They name her after you.

    What is Granddaughter #3ís name?
    Caroline Elizabeth

    You grandchildren start to grow up (well they are toddlers), and Son #2 finally asks his longtime girlfriend to marry him. A year later they get married.

    What is Son #2ís wifeís name?
    Lindsey Jane

    You continue to spoil your grandchildren and live a luxurious life of retirement with your husband (well actually you were a stay at home mom the whole time but, he retired!). One day you get a call from Daughter #3, she is in tears and you canít tell if they are tears of sadness or tears of joy. Its hard to hear her over her sobs but, you can hear her telling you that she is having sextuplets! 7 months later she has 6 babies (3 girls, 3 boys). She names the girls after you, Daughter #1, and Daughter #3 and she names the boys after Son #1, Son #2, and her husband.

    What is Granddaughter #4ís name?
    Caroline Elizabeth

    What is Grandson #2ís name?
    Hunter Gregory

    What is Granddaughter #5ís name?
    Cassidy Erin

    What is Grandson #3ís name?
    Daniel Tatum

    What is Grandson #4ís name?
    Jacob Rock

    What is Granddaughter #6ís name?
    Juliet Marie

    You are ecstatic to have all the grandchildren you have. You are even more ecstatic to find out that Daughter #1, Daughter #2, and Son #2 are all expecting babies, due within 2 weeks of each other. Daughter #1 has a baby girl. She gives her a classic and timeless name.

    What is Granddaughter #7ís name?
    Alice Marie

    Daughter #2 has a son. She wants it to match her twin daughterís names.

    What is Grandson #5ís name?
    James Lonter

    Son #2 has a son. He and his wife name him after their favorite movie/book characters.

    What is Grandson #6ís name?
    Indiana Harry

    You arenít exactly surprised when Son #1 calls and says his wife is having triplets. They have 2 girls and 1 boy. They give them all the same initials as their older sister has.

    What is Granddaughter #8ís name?
    Corine Elody

    What is Granddaughter #9ís name?
    Candace Emily

    What is Grandson #7ís name?
    Connor Elijah

    The End.

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