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    Re: nickname for Xavier?

    How about Xavi pronounced Shaw-vee?
    I know someone names Xabi and Xaba but with 'sh' sounds.
    Kinda cute!

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    Re: nickname for Xavier?

    I think Xavie is really cute, and to me it works with either pronunciation. X is definitely cool for a teenager. I love the name Xavier.
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    Re: nickname for Xavier?

    I think Xavie is cute! My friend has a son named Xavier and we call him Avi, but I don't think that's the norm.

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    Re: nickname for Xavier?

    Pronounced Aw-Vee!
    That's cute!

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    Re: nickname for Xavier?

    I have some expierence with this =) My oldest sons name is Xavier Michael!!! And there are two different nicknames that we use...and they are...X or X-man! Those are the two that have stuck with him (of course Mama calls him Shorty though!), and most of the people in our family go towards X-man. Hopes this helps a little!

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