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    Cute Twin/Triplet Sets

    I was juts reading the post about horrible twinset names, and I myself had added to it... and since I am pregnant with multiples I thought it would be fun to get everyones input on GOOD twin names!

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    Re: Cute Twin/Triplet Sets

    Is this just for girls?

    Delaney&Leila (I love the "lay" sound together)
    Esme&Emerson (Close in sound, different in style, but I still love this pair)
    Brenna&Bridget (Solid, similar sounding Americanized-Irish names)
    Harper&Rhiannon (Trendy, Irish/British influence with "R" sound)
    Arabella&Aurora (Princess, girly-girl "A" names)
    Serena&Trinity (Similar to Hope, Joy, etc. but cooler)
    Charlotte&Tara (Nice and fairly simple, with pairing "T" and "R" sound)
    Anna&Lena (Short and pretty with "N" sound)
    Jacqueline&Natalie (Classics that share the "N" and "L" sound)
    Regan&Morgan (Irish/English surname, very close ending w/out rhyming)
    Adeline&Lila (Pretty vintage style, share "lie" sound)
    Mallory&Julia (Not too frilly, both have dominant "L" and make "ee" sound)

    I guess I like sibling names that sound similar.

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    Re: Cute Twin/Triplet Sets

    i like Knox and Lilo & Archie and Jed

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    Re: Cute Twin/Triplet Sets

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