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    Re: sibling for Marigold

    I looked up avant-garde names on "search for names". There are a lot of names that would sound great with Marigold such as:
    Memphis - might be too matchy, but I like it!
    Also thought of:
    Jacaranda nn Jackie

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    Re: sibling for Marigold

    What about the name Jacinda, it is a form of Jacinta-which means Hyacinth....might be themey, but I love the name and think it would sound spunky and great with Marigold (which is an awesome name by the way!)

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    Re: sibling for Marigold

    Pam, i love Apolline too! but my husband isn't as keen... although he likes the name Apple! so maybe it could be the nickname!!! although that's a bit celebrity for me!
    I also like Juniper, nickname Juni, but a bit too theme-y maybe....
    Marigold doesn't have a second name.
    What do you think of Sukie?
    Thanks again for all of your interest and suggestions! This is lots of fun!

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    Re: sibling for Marigold

    I think Sukie is a cute nickname for Susannah or Susan, but it feels insubstantial to me on its own. It's just me, but with the "suk" beginning, I'd also be worried about potential "Suck/Sucky" teasing. I so love Marigold! :-)

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    Re: sibling for Marigold

    i love marigold and juniper. i don't think they're *too* theme-y, just cute!

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