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    Re: "A" my name is...

    Quote Originally Posted by teabee
    I my name is Ilse and my sister's name is Imani. We live in Ireland and ignore idiots.
    My comedy relief, thanks!

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    Re: "A" my name is...

    N my name is Nikki and my nana's name is Nina. We live in New Jersey and we navigate nickels.

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    Re: "A" my name is...

    O my name is Olivia and my brother's name is Oliver. We live in Oklahoma and we open olives.

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    Re: "A" my name is...

    P my name is Parisa and my mother's name is Perla. We live on Patmos and play pan-pipes.

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    Re: "A" my name is...

    Q my name is Quinn, my brother's name is Quincy, we live in Quebec, and we quilt quilts.

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