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    middle name for Peyton/Payton

    We are naming our third child, a girl, either Peyton or Payton. We haven't decided on the spelling yet but we are leaning toward Peyton. Our other two have paternal grandparents names for their middle names and so it is finally my turn to use a family name on my side for the middle name. Tell me which one you like best, please.

    Peyton Eleanor
    Peyton Jeanne
    Peyton Marie


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    Re: middle name for Peyton/Payton

    I LOVE Peyton for a little girl! We had this on our list but my dh changed his mind and now he wont let me use it! :(
    I prefer the Peyton spelling 'cause Payton reminds me of pay a ton... Plus, Peyton is the more common spelling!

    I prefer Peyton Marie

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    Re: middle name for Peyton/Payton

    I Love Peyton (and a much prefer the 'e' spelling). I always think of an adorable little girl who did Gap ads a few years ago. I think it's so adorable. I like all of your combos. I think I'd have to pick Peyton Jeanne. I think Jean(nne) is spunky and fun, and nobody uses it these days. Marie is pretty, but comes off as a filler, I think. And I love Eleanor, but it sounds a little too old fashioned with Peyton. I really like Peyton Jeanne. Super cute.
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