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    Holly Marie Combs (Kelley James)

    I noticed that Holly Marie Combs gave birth to a boy that she named Kelley James. Being a guy named Kelly it made me happy to see a boy with that name (although the spelling is different). Her other sons are named Finley and Riley, so it appears that she likes unisex Irish surnames for boys.

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    Re: Holly Marie Combs (Kelley James)

    I love it! I'd love to see Kelly move back into the boys camp. I think it's a great name for guys, but hate it for girls. I wonder if she's a big enough celebrity to make people start thinking of Kelly as a boys name again.
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    Re: Holly Marie Combs (Kelley James)

    Maybe Kelley (with the -ey ending) will return as a nickname for Kellan/Kellen. I happen to think of Kelley as more masculine than Kelly, maybe since I don't know any female Kelleys who spell it that way. I like Holly, Finley, Riley, and Kelley together.

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    Re: Holly Marie Combs (Kelley James)

    I love James! I also love her other sons names Riley & Finley. It appears the family likes _ey names & thats their theme. Kelley is 100% a girl name.
    Congrats to the family!

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