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Thread: carter + ???

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    Re: carter + ???

    I love the name Sawyer, I think that is cute with Carter
    What about Esmee I am loving that name to, Your husband might like that if he likes Elise

    I'm not a huge fan of Everett, My friend just named her boy Cannon weird at first but like it now..

    what are you thinking for middle names

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    Re: carter + ???

    Quote Originally Posted by cartersmom
    My two-year-old son's name is Carter, and I'm trying to decide on a possible name for his soon-to-be little brother or sister. For a boy I was thinking of Noah or Everett, and for girl I'm having a tough time. I was thinking of Kira, but the hard k sound might be too similar. Also, would unisex names for my daughter work? I love Owen, Mason, or Sawyer. Thoughts?
    Carter & Rhea
    Carter & Keir (i love this name!)
    Carter & Frey/Freya
    Carter & Cree

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