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Thread: Kaydnz Kodah

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    Re: Kaydnz Kodah

    Quote Originally Posted by jill
    Well, at least he'll have an interesting story as to how he got his name:

    "Well, my dad fell asleep at the computer one day, and after his cheek hit the keyboard, he looked up at the screen and knew the almighty typo before his eyes was destined to be my name. On the bright side, I could have been #$^^*@."

    hahahahahaHAHAAAAHHHAAA.. my name choices arent looking so bad now!

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    Re: Kaydnz Kodah

    Where would we be without Jill and her name humor???

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    Re: Kaydnz Kodah

    He he...I'm glad you all enjoyed my little funny. :-)

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