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    Re: Brother for Josiah

    I too think Theodore and Josiah work just great together. However, as Jill points out, Josiah is both Biblical and Colonial, so maybe you can look at other selections that have both those things going on. Here's the Colonial boys' list from nameberry, with mostly biblical choices:
    Pam Satran

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    Re: Brother for Josiah

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    Re: Brother for Josiah

    Quote Originally Posted by sunshinesarah
    I have a DS named Josiah and am currently in love with the name Theodore for another son. Do you think they are too stylistically different though? He would probably go by 'Theo'. My concern is that Josiah is so obviously biblical (with the whole 'iah' ending) that Theodore would seem out of place.

    (Of course, 'Theo' means God, but the two names just have a different feel to me)

    If you don't think they match (or if you don't share my love of Theodore!) can you think of any other boy's names that might go well with Josiah? Last name is 2 syllables, very common and lacking in varied intonation (think 'Smith'), so can take quite a long or unusual name. I tend to like classic but not overused names.

    Josiah and JOSES (jo-see-s)
    Josiah and Jacques
    Josiah and Jeremiah (nn Jerry)

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