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    Brother for Josiah

    I have a DS named Josiah and am currently in love with the name Theodore for another son. Do you think they are too stylistically different though? He would probably go by 'Theo'. My concern is that Josiah is so obviously biblical (with the whole 'iah' ending) that Theodore would seem out of place.

    (Of course, 'Theo' means God, but the two names just have a different feel to me)

    If you don't think they match (or if you don't share my love of Theodore!) can you think of any other boy's names that might go well with Josiah? Last name is 2 syllables, very common and lacking in varied intonation (think 'Smith'), so can take quite a long or unusual name. I tend to like classic but not overused names.

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    Re: Brother for Josiah

    I love Theodore, and I don't think it would sound too awkward with Josiah. I also have a brother named Josiah, and my other brother's names are Elijah, James, and Stephen. Elijah was closest to him in age and those two names sound great together. I know another Josiah with a brother Eli, And one with brothers Josh (which I do not think works), and Daniel.

    I also like:

    Hope that was helpful. Good luck!

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    Re: Brother for Josiah

    I love, love, love Theodore, and also don't think it's too out of place with Josiah. That said, if you're still bothered by the differences in style, here are some more ideas (I love the Gideon suggestion):

    Alden (Colonial name, like Josiah)
    Phineas (Biblical and Colonial)

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Brother for Josiah

    Thanks for the replies - glad to see there are others who share my love of Theodore! It's still my no.1 pick, despite my concerns.

    I also really like Eli and Phineas as suggested - unfortunately Phineas clashes with our last name in terms of sound. Micah and Elijah are great too. Things to ponder!

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    Re: Brother for Josiah

    I love Theodore, too! I think it could work with Josiah, but I LOVE the suggestions of Gideon and Ezekiel. I think either of those would be amazing. I know a Josiah who's siblings are Nickolai and Ashley.
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