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    Re: Mabel Painter Lowe

    I too rather adore Mabel Painter Lowe. It's soft and feminine without being too cutesy :)

    I'm lucky with my husband's taste, hehee - His favourites at the moment are Violet and Cassius, so I'm happy!!

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    Re: Mabel Painter Lowe

    I love the name Mabel!! its always been one of my absolute favorites because my favorite book as a child was called "The adventures of Mabel" and she was a five year old girl who could talk to animals and always saved all the boys from danger :P. It was written in the 1880's I think. I always hope I would be able to use it before it got discovered...guess I came too late! Hopefully it wont rocket to the top.

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    Re: Mabel Painter Lowe

    Aw I love this name! I think its so very cute and pretty! Good job!


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