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Thread: Baby girl names

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    Re: Baby girl names

    Evie: I love Evie as an nickname for Evelyn, Eve, Evangeline, and Genevieve, but on its own, it feels too insubstantial for me.

    Edie: I think Edie is a cute nickname for Edith, Edwina, and Eden.

    Tate: I'm not a fan of Tate, especially on a little girl. :-( (I think Tate Sagitha has a harsh sound, too.) :-(

    Willow: I'm personally not a fan of Willow (plus, it's all Palin to me), but I can totally appreciate it's beauty in Eveyln Willow Sagitha. I think that's stunning! :-)

    Lola: With Sagitha as a last name, I'd avoid first names ending in A, especially if they're only two syllables.

    Amity: I wish I liked Amity more, but when I hear it, I only think of Amityville Horror and the town in the movie Jaws. :-(

    Imogen: I really love Imogen, but I'm not sure it works with your last name. Hmm...

    Holly: I'm neutral on Holly, but think it sounds really, really cute with Sagitha. :-)

    Ebony: Not a fan of Ebony...

    Other ideas:

    Audrey Sagitha
    Bronwyn Sagitha (an Irish name instead of Tate)
    Charlotte Sagitha
    Camille Sagitha
    Emmeline Sagitha
    Eleanor Sagitha
    Ivy Sagitha
    Josephine Sagitha
    Juliet Sagitha
    Katherine Sagitha (nn Kate, instead of Tate)
    Laurel Sagitha
    Marielle Sagitha
    Phoebe Sagitha
    Ruby Sagitha
    Tierney Sagitha (instead of Tate)
    Vivienne Sagitha

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Baby girl names

    Hey I believe that names are strong on their own without the need for longer versions. You never use the longer versions anyway! Evie is gorgeous on it's own. I personally know two.

    Willow is one of my favourite names at the moment... great choice.

    My favourite combination is Edie Willow.

    I also like Lola Willow.

    Tate to me is a boys name.

    Have you considered...

    Isla Willow
    Lila Willow
    Ava Willow
    Boys: Otis Wilder, Leo Wilder, Atlas Finn, Dash Theodore, Arlo River, Kit Wilder & Arrow Grey

    Girls: Willow Grey, Willow Ocean, Bowie Juniper, Luca Valentine, Frankie Wilde & Goldie Marlowe

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