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Thread: Baby girl names

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    Baby girl names

    Hi all!
    Advice needed.
    Baby girl due in September.
    At the moment i'm leaning towards Evie Willow Sagitha (the surname is sagitha)

    Names i've shortlisted are:

    Interested to hear thoughts and possible combinations =)

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    Re: Baby girl names

    I love Evie Willow ... but for me, I would do a longer or more solid name with Evie as a nickname. That way she has more options when she gets older.

    Evelyn, Evangeline, Eve


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    Re: Baby girl names

    I do agree that Evie is an adorable nickname, but needs a more solid name to hold first name status. Besides Evelyn, and Evangeline (and I'm sorry I forgot the third one) here's some more ideas...but don't let us completly talk you out of a name you love. If Evie hits the spot, and nothing else does, go for it! Evie is number 843 in the US, so others have your same opinion! :)


    And on to your short list :)

    Evie - very sweet, adorable nn
    Edie - ditto to above How about as a nn for Elodie, Edith, or Eden?
    Tate - really not a fan of this one, sorry :(
    Willow - LOVELY!
    Lola - doesn't seem to fit with your other names...
    Amity - I think Amityville Horror :(
    Imogen - classic, sweet!
    Holly - seems plain in comparison to Imogen or Willow
    Ebony - sorry, not a fan :(

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    Re: Baby girl names

    Just another suggestion that I thought of when looking at your list: Elodie?
    Proud mama to Lucia Marie (3) and Halle Regina born July 12th!

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    Re: Baby girl names

    Baby girl due in September. Congratulations!
    At the moment i'm leaning towards Evie Willow Sagitha (the surname is sagitha) -- I would choose Edith Willow Sagitha nn Edie. Fascinating last name!

    Evie - great nn for Evelyn which is one of my favorites.
    Edie - great nn for Edith
    Tate - not my thing.
    Willow - I love Willow for a middle name.
    Lola - can sound very sultry for a toddler or young girl. I would lengthen it to Paloma or Lourdes.
    Amity - I think of Amityville. I think it's a horror movie, and I can't handle horror movies.
    Imogen - I adore this name! nn Immy!
    Holly - very dated, could go with Hollis.
    Ebony - really not my thing.

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