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Thread: Anna?

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    Re: Anna?

    Anna is timeless; simple but always cute.

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    Re: Anna?

    Anna is not a name I would use, but I like it! It's one of those timeless names that can bend to match the personality of any child.
    I like the suggestions
    Anna Louisa
    Anna Sofia
    Anna Cecelia
    Anna Beatrice
    Anna Violet

    I also like...
    Anna Vanessa
    Anna Jolie
    Anna Felicity
    Anna Camille
    Anna Emmeline
    Anna Evangeline
    Anna Jessamine
    Anna Olivia
    Anna Seraphina
    Anna Sylvia
    Anna Florence
    Anna Matilda
    Anna Priscilla
    Anna Penelope
    Anna Elanor
    Anna Elayne

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    Re: Anna?

    Love Anna and Annika.
    Anna Cordelia is the name combo I've thought of for quite a while. My grandmother's middle name was Cordelian.
    Anna Meredith - I used to love the name Meredith so much when I was younger.
    Anna Beatrice/Beatrix unless your last name starts with a "c".
    Anna Caroline
    Anna Catherine/Katherine - so elegant!
    Anna Valentine
    Anna Vivienne

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    Re: Anna?

    Well I'm biased this is my little sisters name and I have always loved it! I wish my parents had chosen it for me. I think it's a timeless classic, very simple pretty and elegant. Very understated. Not at all popular or pretentious. I like..

    Anna Laura
    Anna Sophia
    Anna Lauren
    Anna Elise
    Anna Olivia
    Anna Elaine
    Anna Gabriel
    Anna Delaney
    Anna Rose
    Anna Elizabeth
    Anna Margo
    Anna Caroline

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