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Thread: Anna?

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    I would love to know opinions on the name Anna. I think it sounds pretty and feminine, but am worried that it will seem plain to others. Do you think it sounds plain? I am definitely wanting a feminine name for our little girl. Also, any suggestions for middle names that go with Anna?

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    Re: Anna?

    My eldest daughter is five and is named Anna. I have never regretted our name choice for her. It is easy to pronounce for both of my kids who are in speech therapy and easy for me to yell at the playground. She gets called Anna Banana and Anna Montana but it doesn't really bother her. I thought it was the perfect name...timeless and feminine but she could be an athlete tomboy or really girly. She and her sister have my mother's maiden name for their middle names, Belleville.

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    Re: Anna?

    I LOVE Anna. I think she's elegant and simple and stunning. Most of the Anna's I know only go by Anna, but I think Annie and Anne and even Annika make great nicknames.

    My favorite combinations with Anna are:

    Anna Louisa
    Anna Sofia
    Anna Simone
    Anna Elizabeth
    Anna Beatrice
    Anna Clementine
    Anna Cecilia
    Anna Josephine
    Top 10 Girls: Louisa, Helen, June, Frances, Elizabeth, Alice, Eleanor, Clara, Hazel, Sylvia
    Top 10 Boys: Henry, August, Samuel, Walter, Peter, William, Archer, Lewis, Theodore, Eliot

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    Re: Anna?

    I love Anna, too, but if you're thinking it's too plain, what about Annabelle/Annabel or Anneliese?

    Anna Beatrix
    Anna Blythe
    Anna Caroline
    Anna Catherine
    Anna Katherine
    Anna Louise
    Anna Rosabel/Rosabelle
    Anna Rosalie
    Anna Scarlett
    Anna Victoria
    Anna Violet

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Anna?

    My cousin's name is Annalee - she uses her name as written, but it could certainly be shortened to Anna.

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