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Thread: Compromise!!!

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    Alright. We have a game sort of like this, but mine is different. See, first i put the question, like this.
    Alexandra and Louisa.
    Then you would combine them to make one name.
    Alouisa or Louiandra.
    Then you would put your question.
    Miranda and Georgia.
    The next person would answer.
    Miorgia or Girandia.

    So here it is:
    Amelia and Danielle.

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    Re: Compromise!!!

    Amelia & Danielle = Daniela (? that's the best i can think of..)

    How about Catherine & Lucy

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    Re: Compromise!!!

    Lathery, geez.

    Isabel and Jade

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    Re: Compromise!!!


    Indie and Ivorie?

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    Re: Compromise!!!


    Lily and Zina

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