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    Re: need sister's name for Taylor Anne

    Jill, thanks for the reality checks! We really do want a name that flows. From the previous lists we like Regan,Lane/Laine and Tessa(although girlie). My husband's name starts with R so Regan is high on the list, but could also be a middle name. Since he is not getting a boy....

    Here are a few other first names still on our list for Taylor's sister:

    Saige, Aiden(too trendy?), Brett, Autumn (not all Irish/celtic flair - but not too "girlie") .

    We would like to use a family name as a middle name, thus versions of Anne or Michelle. We also could use versions of Hunt/Hunter, Irene or Ryan.

    Look forward to your thoughts! :)

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    Re: need sister's name for Taylor Anne

    Saige: I think Sage (spelled Sage, not Saige, which I first pronounced "say-gee," with a hard "g") could work. :-)

    Sage Annabella
    Sage Rhiannon (a play on Ryan, with Welsh roots)

    Aiden(too trendy?): Yep! :-)

    Brett: I think Taylor and Brett definitely works...

    Brett Annabelle

    Autumn: I'm personally not a fan of Autumn, and while I think it's feminine, I could see Autumn and Taylor being sisters. (I always wonder about what nicknames Autumns receive; Auty? Tummy?)

    Autumn Annabel/Annabelle
    Autumn Anneliese
    Autumn Irene

    What about Brice? Have you thought about Auden instead of Aiden?

    From your present list, I'm going to vote for Sage or Brett with Taylor. :-) This is fun!

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    Re: need sister's name for Taylor Anne

    First thoughts: Jordan, Tamsin or Ryanne (with a diff. middle) or Bailey Anne, Camryn Anne, Tasha Anne, Tricia Anne, or go way Irish with Catherine Anne or Deirdre Anne.
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