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Thread: Do You Think..

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    Do You Think..

    that Lillie Belle, Aurora Elizabeth, and Evelyn Scarlett go together?

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    Re: Do You Think..

    I would lengthen Lillie Belle to Lillian Belle. But it has too many "l's". The other two are great. Love Evelyn and Aurora nn Rory.

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    Re: Do You Think..

    Thanks Susan!

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    Re: Do You Think..

    I actually think Lillie Belle is cute (the l's don't bother me), and absolutely think the names go together (although I would probably change Evelyn to Evelina to match Aurora's frilliness).

    Good luck!

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    Re: Do You Think..

    How about Lilliana, Aurora, and Evelina? Then they could be Lillie, Rory, and Evie. But really, I think they're adorable however you lengthen or shorten them.
    Pam Satran

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