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    Confident Middle Name for Vanessa?

    My husband and I are quite drawn to both Vanessa and Charlotte, and their literary connotations. Our last name is of the Mc- variety (2-syllables), very Scottish sounding. Any suggestions for middle names?

    We like;

    Vanessa Anne
    Vanessa Claire
    Vanessa Georgiana
    Charlotte Elizabeth
    Charlotte Angelica

    We would appreciate your input!

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    Re: Confident Middle Name for Vanessa?

    Vanessa Anne: I personally am not a fan of pairing a first name ending in A with a middle name beginning in A, as it breaks up the name's flow. I LOVE Anne, though, but not with Vanessa. :-(

    Vanessa Claire: I think Claire's lovely, but when I hear it after a name ending in A, it sounds like "eclair" (as in the dessert) to my ear.

    Vanessa Georgiana: I LOVE Georgiana, but something about the flow is off for me. Hmm...

    Charlotte Elizabeth: I think Charlotte Elizabeth is great! :-)

    Charlotte Angelica: The name flows, but I'm picking Charlotte Elizabeth! :-)

    Vanessa Beatrix
    Vanessa Clementine
    Vanessa Delphine
    Vanessa Daphne
    Vanessa Jane
    Vanessa Laurel
    Vanessa Romilly
    Vanessa Rosamond
    Vanessa Rosalind
    Vanessa Tamsin
    Vanessa Violet
    Vanessa Vivienne
    Vanessa Winifred

    Charlotte Catherine
    Charlotte Clementine
    Charlotte Emmeline
    Charlotte Francesca
    Charlotte Georgiana (I think Georgiana Charlotte works better, though)
    Charlotte Helena
    Charlotte Genevieve
    Charlotte Isadora
    Charlotte Josephine
    Charlotte Marielle

    Good luck and keep us posted! :-)

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    Re: Confident Middle Name for Vanessa?

    Have you considered Vanessa Charlotte?

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    Re: Confident Middle Name for Vanessa?

    Hi Jill,

    Thanks for taking the time to come up with some wonderful alternatives. Charlotte Elizabeth was our favourite from the start. I was happy to read your suggestions, as we seem to have the same taste.

    Don't think I can give up on Vanessa just yet, but what do you think of Miranda and Eleanor?

    Am curious how readers perceive these names. What personality type, or character traits do you associate with Charlotte, Vanessa, Miranda and Eleanor?

    Thanks! -E

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    Re: Confident Middle Name for Vanessa?

    Quote Originally Posted by rosie
    Have you considered Vanessa Charlotte?
    Hi Rosie,

    That combination wasn't initially on our radar, because we really loved those names independent of each other. Maybe a part of me was thinking to reserve one for a potential sibling? Now that you mention it, there is a bit of loveliness to it though! I'll definitely be considering it.

    Thanks so much for taking time to post! -E

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