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    Too Much of a Mouthful?

    I recently discovered the girl's name, Alexa, and I really like it. Although I'm nowhere near expecting, I like to sort of plan ahead and play around with names :]

    My boyfriend's last name is four syllables and very Italian (ending in "ello") If it helps, I may put up the name later. My question is, would Alexa P___rello be too much of a mouthful since Alexa is already three syllables? It hurts, but the more I say it, the name just doesn't flow well...any thoughts?

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    Re: Too Much of a Mouthful?

    I'm not seeing a problem with it at all. But I also grew up with a VERY Italian last name (also with 4 syllables). My name is Erica (3 syllables) which doesn't feel and more complicated to me than Alexa. I say "go for it!"

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    Re: Too Much of a Mouthful?

    Even though the name "Alexa" is 3 syllables, it is still only 5 letters, so it looks short. I think it would go fine with a longer last name. I really like Alexa and a last name ending with an "o" sound would sound great.

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